Brendan Tracey "Rouge" 2010

In the 1970s Brendan Tracey was playing punk rock, with bands like "The Insults." The catalog of this band includes songs such as "Stiff Love."  Mr. Tracey then moved to France, where he continued his musical career with a number of bands. Sometime during the Sarkozy years, he decided to branch out and make wine as well as music.  In 2010 a  message from Brendan Tracey (which appears to be authentic) was posted on the web site of Killed by Death Records:

Brendan Tracey says:

May 3, 2010 at 1:48 pm

Hey dudes, Brendon T. is still wanking off with his voice and his guitar in France. I did a long time stunt in The Sun and The Rotten Boards. My new project is called The Wine Cocks because my guitarist and I both make organic prick wine. We write our own stuff but we still cover “I’m so twisted” cause it’s a f-asss song.

Is the Brendan Tracey "Rouge" (Vin de France) 2010 $14 [Good+] an organic prick wine?  Hard to say, but his wine label can be explained.  On the label, below a vaguely sinister wine drinker, are the words "Le Capitalisme Rouge est une Voie de Garage" (Red Capitalism is a dead end).  Scribbling out "une Voie" we get "Le Capitalisme Rouge est un vin de Garage" (Red Capitalism is a garage wine).  Not the best of Loire puns, it marks Tracey's transition from dead end politics (and music?) to winemaker.  Apparently, some of the local members of the NPA (New Anti-Capitalist Party) find it funny, and are among his customers.   

This is a fairly light-weight wine made in the earthy natural style which has become a trademark of the Loire, with the savory elements firmly in control.  Dull medium ruby in color, lots of savory gravel, herbaceous, and soil notes mark the bouquet, with fresh cranberry and darker fruits in a subsidiary position.  There are hints of licorice and pepper as well as notable volatile acidity.  Light to medium in body, with medium-plus acidity, the wine is chalky, with some tougher tannin too.  The flavors are light to medium intense, with cranberry, cherry, gravel, and saline-activating mineral.  The finish is very chalky, and shows touches of barn yard as well as a bit too much sour volatile acidity.  This is a pleasant enough summer wine, but would have been better younger, straight from the barrel, serving a crowd from the NPA. The wine is a blend of Gamay (65%) and Cot (35%).  Tasted July 2012