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September 24, 2014

O Canada!

Jordan, Ontario, in Canada’s Niagara wine region, is 435 miles from New York City, a fair distance.  But it’s not much further than Canandaigua, NY (320 miles), one of the centers of the Finger Lakes wine industry.  New York wines are readily available in the Big Apple, but when was the last time you saw a bottle of Canadian wine on a liquor store shelf?

Canada is a vast country, the second largest in the world.  Yet, in all of its expanse there  are few areas suitable for grape vines.  The Niagara Peninsula, warmed by Lake Ontario, is one of them.  As Blake Gray noted in a recent article,  Niagara is chock full of vines on the Canadian side of the peninsula.  But the American side ... [More]



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