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September 2, 2014

Are Four Threes a Winning Hand?

It was the Spring of 2005.  Three winemakers, from three different companies, had assembled to taste each others' wares.  Partly social, partly educational, the three men wanted to learn more about the differences in terroir and winemaking on Seneca Lake.

At the end of this get-together, Johannes Reinhardt had a thought. Why not make a wine together?  The other two members of the group agreed, and Tierce Dry Riesling was born.  The 2004 vintage was its debut.

"Tierce" is an archaic old english word for third or three.  A trio of wineries contributes to the Tierce blend -- Red Newt, Anthony Road, and Fox Run.  All are located on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes, and each initially agreed ... [More]



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